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Overview: A Door Opens

Phases of life often begin with change. At Concordia Care we know that life changes – one door opening as another door closes – can occur at the most unexpected times, in the most unexpected ways. And our doors are open to help you deal with the changes that you and your loved one are experiencing. Concordia’s Family Education Program: Partners in Caring focuses on answering questions, offering information and insight, and helping you or your loved one through the admission process into one of our nursing homes, whether for a short-term stay or for long-term recovery. Our aim is to convey facts about what to expect, listen to your concerns and, above all, open the door to reveal what life is like in a Concordia nursing home.

Creating a Partnership

Partners in Caring is designed to educate, inform and assist in the formation of realistic expectations about nursing homes. The first step is to outline what must occur in order for the resident and his/her family to make realistic decisions about long-term healthcare. Entering a nursing home requires adaptation on the part of the resident and his/her support network. We can help by informing you about what to expect as this new life phase begins. Our objective is to teach you and your loved ones by listening to your questions and concerns and by giving you as much information possible about aging as well as about choosing a nursing home and the quality of life it offers.

Short-Term Rehabilitation

A nursing home generally includes two types of residents – those who are receiving short-term rehabilitation to recover from an injury or illness, and those with multiple medical, issues or illnesses that cause them to not be able to care for themselves, who are receiving long-term care. Whenever possible, the short-term resident is sent home. In some cases, they resume their lives and continue their recovery; in other cases, they may experience a relapse or another health issue and be readmitted.